The main objective of TEACHER-CE is the development of an integrated toolbox focusing on climate-proof management of water resources through sustainable land-use management. Read more...

The CC-ARP-CE Toolbox is focusing on climate change adaptation and risk prevention and reduction in addressed water management issues (heavy rain, floods, droughts, drinking water protection and related regulating ecosystem services and land use management) mainly based on the integration of tools of selected cross-fertilisation CE projects RAINMAN, FRAMWAT, PROLINE-CE and SUSTREE.

The CC-ARP-CE toolbox will be tested and verified in 9 pilot actions in 8 countries.

Work packages
Work package 1: EXPLOITATION - Concept of CE tools integration
Work package 2: INTEGRATION - CC-ARP-CE Toolbox for climate change adaptation and risk prevention in CE
Work package 3: IMPLEMENTATION and FEEDBACK - Toolbox verification
Work package 4: JOINT STRATEGY - Defining potential commitments in improvement of planning process considering climate change

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