After the analysis of current situations concerning the Historic Built Areas management in Central Europe, BhENEFIT project focused on the identification of the main factors which plays a key role in the sustainable management of a HBA.

To keep a track of all these different elements, BhENEFIT developed two useful tools for the monitoring process of  the Historic Built Area, collecting and processing data with the purpose of improving the plan of interventions.

WEB-GIS PLATFORM for the integrated monitoring of changes and modifications in a HBA

BhENEFIT project developed two WEB-GIS PLATFORMS which aim at monitoring and collecting different type of data.
Two pilot actions were tested in Mantova: the first to collect data on the social perception of decay of Historic Built Area, in which city users were asked to participate by filling a survey on a simple web interface; the other one to track the environmental behaviour of the Historic Built Areas, in order to identify interactions and possible optimizations.

Decision Support System based on HBIM 

The Decision Support System for the Management of Historic Built Area developed within BhENEFIT project consist of a HBIM web portal which features a database of downloadable BIM models of common buildings and models of Central Europe area. The DSS is conceived to help Public Administration officers which use the DSS to have a help in management activities of public and private interventions on HBA and it can have many different users.

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