The Second Webinar - Presenting the Tools

Coming up on the 1st of March 2022 we like to invite you to the second Store4HUC webinar, which will take place online once again. Following the first one, where we have talked about our 4 pilot sites and what has been achieved there, we will now focus on the three Tools which were created in the project. Those Tools are the Autarky Rate Tool, The Optimal Sizing Calculator and the Optimal Heat Source Scheduler.

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Date and Time: 01.03.2022 — 10:00 — Zoom

The Autarky Rate Tool is an easy to use online tool, which you can open on a web browser, with it homeowners can figure out what kind of investment in a PV and Battery system makes sense for his household and energy usage patterns.

The Optimal Sizing Calculator and the Optimal Heat Source Scheduler are for the expert users, both need an experienced user and some computing power, but are able to produce precise results. The Optimal Sizing Calculator delivers to you the optimal dimensions of PV and Battery system fitting your homes energy demand patterns. The Optimal Heat Source Scheduler calculates an optimal heating schedule for multiple heat sources and a storage system.

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