Central European Digital Healthcare Excellence Spots (CEDHES)

Welcome to the Central European Digital Healthcare Exellence Spots (CEDHES)

What exactly is a CEDHES?

It is a special term describing our digitalLIFE4CE partner areas. In Austria, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland and Slovenia, we have created centers lead by the partners, to foster innovation in integrated healthcare system solutions. The CEDHES enrich the regional development in digital health innovation as well as building and using transnational cooperation for persuing the same target on a different level.

What is the purpose of the CEDHES?

The overall goal is, to build bridges among the single actors in the healthcare value chain, focused on digital innovation in healthcare. By cooperating strongly together with each other and with local stakeholders such as policy makers, the CEDHES support market entries, new cooperation, mutual learning and much more. This is done in every region by three different actions.

The pilot action in each region aims to support the approach towards digital healthcare in the framework the area. This is a regional approach that is also transferable into other regions. The CEDEHESCoop and the CEDHESTrans are both actions that encourage a transnational cooperation such as market entries. All actions can be connected. The actors in the partner regions chose the perfect set up to achive to best outcome for their regions and transnational cooperation.

To learn more about the CEDHES in your country, please click on it below. You will be transferred to the CEDHES in the national language.