Karany - Jizera River, Czech Rep.

Karany Waterworks uses water from the lower reaches of Jizera River. The length of the river is 164.6 km and the catchment area is 2193 km². Average flow rate in Mladá Boleslav is of around 20 m3/s. The river basin has a mixed nature with balanced representation of forests and farmland. The only major industrial site is Mladá Boleslav, which has approximately 44,000 inhabitants.
In terms of potential sources of pollution by PPCPs, the greatest risk is the Kosmonosy psychiatric hospital in Mladá Boleslav with a 150-year tradition. Of the other cities in Jizera catchment, only four have more than 5,000 inhabitants. All sites are equipped with wastewater treatment plants.
Hydrogeologically the pilot site is characterized as a shallow unconfined aquifer situated in terraces of Quaternary fluvial sediments. The aquifer is naturally recharged by infiltration of precipitation and inflow from the bedrock. Quaternary sediment bedrock is formed by marl of large Bohemian Cretaceous basin. Marls are due to their low permeability considered as aquitard, but fractured zones allow inflows from deeper aquifers. In natural conditions groundwater from the Quaternary aquifer drains to the Jizera River. Intensive extraction of groundwater induces recharge of
the aquifer from the river and in addition the aquifer is artificially recharged.
Main objective of Karany pilot site is to quantify the efficiency of different drinking water technologies in the removal of PPCP substances. The monitoring focuses on the surface water from Jizera river, which is used for drinking water production. Furthermore, the quality of drinking water
produced by bank infiltration and artificial recharge will be monitored.

Cluster 2: Groundwater
Pilot Action responsible: CULS, PP03


by David Rozman, PP03

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Surface water:                                                                     Groundwater:
  KOZŁOWA GÓRA, POLAND                                        KARANY-JIZERA, CZECH REPUBLIC      

  PO RIVER BASIN, ITALY                                                LJUBLJANSKO KOTLINA, SLOVENIA

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