Kozłowa Góra, Poland

After screening monitoring among 5 WTPs in use of GPW, Kozłowa Góra Water Treatment Station was seleced as a final Pilot Action area where operational monitoring is conducted. Kozłowa Góra WTP is located on the left bank of the Brynica river, directly below the bleed weir from the front barrier of the Kozłowa Góra reservoir.
Kozłowa Góra reservoir is situated in the Brynica river catchment which is a left-bank tributary of the Vistula River. The Kozłowa Góra reservoir's dam crosses the Brynica River at 28 km of the watercourse. Its catchment covers an area of 193 km2. Within the catchment area groundwater is observed in three multi-aquifers: Quaternary, Triassic and Carboniferous. In the area three Triassic carbonate MGBs are located: Gliwice, Lubliniec – Myszków and Olkusz – Zawiercie. The reservoir was built in 1935-1939 for strategic purposes. In the years 1948 - 1951 it was adapted to water supply purposes.
The reservoir dam is equipped with a bottom drain consisting of six holes - including the two left bottom sewer holes are a WTP Kozłowa Góra intake, while four other holes serve for the passage of large waters drain.
The WTP Kozłowa Góra based on following water treatment processes: pre-ozonation of raw water, contact coagulation in the fast and slow mixing chambers, rapid filtration on the anthracite-sand filers, indirect ozonation, filtration through activated carbon deposits and disinfection with sodium hypochlorite.
The objective of the monitoring is to investigate occurrence of PPCPs in the water course of Brynica River and Kozłowa Góra reservoir. Moreover, it is crucial to verify removal effectiveness of water treatment process applied on WTP (each stage of the technological process).

Cluster 1: Surface water
Pilot Action responsible: GPW, PP07

by GPW

by David Rozman, PP03

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