10.09.2019>Report on Final Conference in Brno

23.07.2019>Project communication activities

20.05.2019>SOLEZ final international conference

18.04.2019>SOLEZ targeted event in the South Moravian Region

12.04.2019>SOLEZ twinning activity 

24.03.2019>Targeted Event in Veverská Bítýška

25.01.2019>Sárvár Mobility APP

08.01.2019> Training path in Žilina

07.01.2019> Solez final event

03.12.2018> Solez at scientific conferences

22.11.2018> Solez at urban mobility planning seminar in Zilina

21.11.2018> Solez Pilot action news

07.11.2018> Targeted event in Rajhrad

22.10.2018> SOLEZ in Hegyfalu

22.10.2018> Event in Žilina

09.10.2018> Dubrovnik event

01.10.2018> IX Active Mobility Congress 

25.09.2018> Picnic of ecomobility in Gdansk

22.09.2018> Targeted event in Rosice

20.09.2018> Village Day is the 3rd targeted event by Sárvár FUA

31.08.2018> SOLEZ at event in Sávár 

31.08.2018> SOLEZ at the IX Congress

27.07.2018> Pilot test at the kick-off in Turin

30.06.2018> Targeted event in Bučovice

30.06.2018> Targeted event in Slavkov

20.06.2018> SOLEZ project in Brno

17.06.2018> Targeted event in Kuřim

08.06.2018> SOLEZ meet citizens in Graz 

30.05.2018> Great success for SOLEZ webinar! 

17.05.2018> SOLEZ 2nd Follow-up training @Sárvár 

10.05.2018> SOLEZ goes to school!!

08.05.2018> SOLEZ Graz team talks with local mobility experts

18.04.2018> SAVE THE DATE: webinars on Sustainable Urban Mobility! 

09.04.2018> SOLEZ Targeted session in progress @Vicenza Municipality

06.04.2018> SOLEZ presented at Young Leaders Forum

28.03.2018> SOLEZ project at Transport Sciences International Conference @Győr on March 22nd-23rd 2018

27.03.2018> A peer to peer training @Žilina Municipality 

22.03.2018> SOLEZ talks with taxi drivers @ Gdansk on March 16th 2018

21.03.2018> SOLEZ Public conference in Vicenza on March 23&24

09.03.2018> Mid-Term review and 4th project meeting in Sarvar

13.02.2018> Public consultation on smart parking in Gdansk

01.02.2018> Coming soon: Solez Public Event in Vicenza

20.01.2018> SOLEZ Action Plan Guidelines

10.01.2018> Local training woorkshop and public event in Brno

12.12.2017> Peer-to-peer approach to share SOLEZ experience

28.11.2017> Stakeholder meeting in Vicenza

16.11.2017> 3rd Stakeholder meeting in Sarvar

15.11.2017> Stakeholder meeting in Gdansk

18-20.10.2017> 3dr project meeting in Turin

27.09.2017> Vicenza Mobility manager at the Active Mobility in Gdansk

20-22.09.2017> Stakeholders meeting and Targeted events during the EU Mobility Week in Zilina

19.09.2017> 1st Targeted event took place in Brno in occasion of the European Mobility Week

16.09.2017> Stakeholder meeting in Vicenza during a CI.TE.MO.S festival on sustainable urban mobility

10.08.2017> 1st stakeholder meeting for the Action Plan of Sarvar FUA

11.07.2017> First panel discussion for SOLEZ Action Plan in Vicenza

18.05.2017> Follow-up training workshop in Zilina

04.05.2017> A peer to peer workshop after Graz study visit in VICENZA

03.05.2017> 1ST follow-up training for Mobility Experts in SARVAR

30.04.2017> SOLEZ presented at URBIS Fair

07.04.2017> 1st local training workshop in Brno

23.03.2017 > SOLEZ presented at LEGAMBIENTE’S green train

10.03.2017 > Graz Study Visit video

28.02.2017 > 2nd Project meeting held in Graz on February 22-24 

25.01.2017 > Announce of the 2nd Project Meeting

12.01.2017 > SOLEZ goes social!

20.09.2016 > Projects Training in Vienna

05.07.2016 > SOLEZ kick-off meeting