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Boosting the demand for innovation from the side of public actors

Second Major EAFIP Event on Innovation Procurement 

PPI2Innovate Tools are under development

PPI2Innovate events organized by HAMAG-BICRO in Croatia

PPI2Innovate InfoDay - Lublin, Poland

Invitation to Webinar

Invitation to Seminar on "Financing of innovation through PPI", in Prague

EAFIP Workshop on Innovation Procurement in Public Construction, PRAGUE (November 2017)

PPI2Innovate Days - Lublin, Poland (October 2017)

Development of SMART PPI2Innovate Tools

Conference on innovation procurement in Tallinn, Estonia (October 2017)

1st PPI2Innovate Days - Lublin, Poland 

Nationally customized PPI2Innovate Tools

Coming soon: Mapping

Save the date: 2nd PPI2Innovate Days, Zagreb (09.10.2018) 

Regional trainings 2018: ITALY

4th Project meeting & Mid-term review, ITALY 

Regional trainings 2018: CROATIA

PPI2Innovate Project synergies: PROMINENT MED

Regional trainings 2018: POLAND

Presentation of PPI2Innovate project to SME´s sector: ZAGREB, Croatia

Regional trainings 2018: Czech Republic

Regional trainings 2018: Slovenia

Research & Innovation: New guidance by the European Commission

Invitation: Innovation Procurement in Health sector, Zaragoza - Spain

Transregional study on institutional frameworks

New EU guidance on public procurement

Project synergies: CircPro

PPI2Innovate Joint event: Czech rep.

2nd PPI2Innovate Days, Zagreb

PPI raising awareness: Poland

PPI Policy Roundtables: Hungary 

PPI2Innovate as an example of good practice at Interreg Central Europe workshop in Prague, CR

PPI Policy Roundtables on ICT & Energy in Poland


PPI Policy Roundtables in the Czech Republic 

CALL OPEN:Procura+ Awards 

PPI Policy Roundtables in Poland

Procuring Innovation event, Czech Republic

3rd PPI2Innovate Days, Székesfehérvár (HU)