Continuous positive effects of the contest on traditional boating

YouInHerit Film available in 6 languages

YouInHerit interview – Michał Weber

Young winners discovered ancient villas and traditional shipyards

YouInHerit partners drank a toast to successfully implemented project

Awarded students enjoyed a walk around sites of traditional boating

Explore Venetian nautical tradition with free audio guides in Italian and English

Dissemination seminars in Treviso and Padova

Competitors of the "Traditional Boating" contest enjoyed well deserved prizes

“Traditional Boating in Veneto”: The winners enjoyed a well-deserved prize

6th Thematic Meeting in Padova

YouInHerit interview – Máté Iváncsics

YouInHerit interview - Bátor Nagy-Székely

Award Ceremony of the Contest “Traditional Boating in Veneto: Crafts and Waterways”

The winners of the the idea contest in Budafok-Teteny are known

Opening of the exhibition "SAL NOSTRUM"

Exhibition The History of Brewery and 5th RSG meeting in Sierpc

Nastja Novak – pottery mentor who transfers old skills to younger generation

5th Thematic Meeting in Vodnjan

Olive House in Vodnjan-Dignano was inaugurated

Cross visit: Partners from Veneto region presented their Pilot activities

Fish and salt - Gifts of sea and tradition in Piran

YouInHerit took part at 29th Wine Festival in Budafok

Partners from Veneto region experienced part of pilot activities in Budafok

Young people in Pomurje learned  traditional pottery skills

Youth targeting event in Vodnjan-Dignano

Students in Budafok received certificates

Partners from Mazovia experienced rich cultural heritage in Pomurje

Partners from Pomurje experienced history, presence and future of brewery in Mazovia (16.6.2018)

Raising awareness on history of the salt warehouses

Pilot Action in Sierpc

4th Thematic Meeting in Piran

Wine making specialist assistant training in Budafok

Venetian rowing with traditional boats

Youngsters after an interview with traditional shipbuilder

Training focused on capacity building of local authorities in Beltinci

First successful training on capacity building in Mazovia (4.4.2018)

Wine making specialist assistant training in Budafok - February

Youngsters shooting videos and dealing with traditional boats

Pilot cross visit of partners from Vodnjan in Piran

"Craft tourism designer" pilot (28.2.2018)

Veneto region in action! (28.2.2018)

YouInHerit at 13th Olive oil days in Vodnjan (7.12.2017)

3rd Thematic meeting in Pomurje, Slovenia (10.10.2017)

Fish and salt - gifts of sea and tradition (9.9.2017)

Transmission of knowledge among young craftsman (16.5.2017)

YouInHerit on Budafok Winefestival 2017 (4.9.2017)

Festival of Tastes in Sierpc, Mazovia, Poland (13.8.2017)