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  • CHALLENGE 4 STAKEHOLDERS - COCO4CCI Foresight Workshop (hybrid): We wanted to anticipate long-term trends and long-term implications of short-term decisions through a participatory process with key stakeholders as CCIs, AVMs, institutions and academia. We invite these stakeholders to participate in the COCO4CCI Foresight Workshop. 
  • Magdalena Małachowska - Design thinking is not enough (2021): Guest article in the online design magazine "Formy": Design thinking nie wystarczy
  • 5th INTERNATIONAL DESIGN PLUS CONGRESS (April 2021): We invite you to watch the report from the discussion panel entitled "Creativity and business and the role of a woman".
  • IPR for creative collaborations: (12.04.2021): Guideline & Videos: Intellectual Property for Creative Collaborations
  • Podcast-Series: Creativity4Circularity: In cooperation SBA and CIKE developed a podcast series on Circular Economy and 6 articles from these podcasts are to be created in Slovak and English. 
  • Workshop "Speculative Design: Approach, Methods and Tools" (09.03.2021): A Recap of the online workshop "Speculative Design: Approach, Methods and Tools" which was held in March 2020, led by Ivica Mitrović and Oleg Šuran, professors at the Academy of Arts in Split - including the video-recording. 
  •  COCO4CCI Cooperation Sprint: Innovation through cooperation: When companies from different sectors work together, they are able to the right solution for all kinds of challenges. The COCO4CCI Cooperation Sprint by HdM Stuttgart and bwcon helped to do just that!
  • Covid-19 post-emergency transformation for CCI. A survey by COCO4CCI: The Department of Management of Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, in collaboration with all the project partners, carried out a research to better understand the impact of the global pandemic on the CCI sector and its effects on future scenarios. The research carried out by the university team coordinated by Prof. Giovanni Vaia, was conducted between September and October 2020 through the survey “Covid-19 post-emergency transformation for CCI”, proposed to CCI companies in the partner countries (Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Italy, Poland, Germany).


  • Why creativity is important for circularity? (20.11.2020): In a newly created podcast series, our Slovak partners from SBA were introducing circular economy, its legislative background (European Green Deal, new European Action Plan for Circular Economy) and circular business models. In this talk, Denisa Rášová from SBA and innovation expert Ján Urig were addressing the following questions: How does the topic of innovation behave in times of crisis and beyond? Do other rules apply to innovation? Why will some companies increase their innovation efforts during the crisis and others not? Is creativity a driver of innovation? 
  • Info Day in Italy - Industrial Design and Creative Communication (16.11.2020): On the 2nd of December 2020, Confindustria Veneto SIAV and Università Ca’ Foscari will co-organise a COCO4CCI Info Day for AVM, focusing on “Industrial Design and Creative Communication”. This time the Info Day will be realized in collaboration with Galileo Visionary District and its department Italian School of Design and Onde Alte, open mind and open innovation communication agency. After a presentation of the COCO4CCI networking and training opportunities, Andrea Busato and Massimiliano Ventimiglia will share their experience.
  • Stuttgart Media University and bwcon launch their Cooperation Collider for Culture and Creative Industries (13.11.2020): Our German partners are looking for Creatives and Industry Partners. Together, bwcon GmbH and Stuttgart Media University are launching an open innovation process for industrial companies and players in the cultural and creative industries. The aim is to develop innovative solutions for business-relevant issues. Especially right now, during the Covid-19 pandemic, companies in the manufacturing industry are facing certain challenges that need to be tackled. Creative professionals will help to develop solutions to these challenges with the help of a design thinking process. This can then lead to further cooperation possibilities.
  • Webinar: Circular Design (19.10.2020): The webinar will take place on October 21st at 10.00, where experts in the field of circular design (Jude Sherry from “anois”, Barbara Prinčič from the Acadamy for fine arts and design of Ljubljana and Eva Štraser, company Evegreen - good practice of bioplastic pots) will present how to change your business model from linear to circular and thus contribute to environmental protection.
  • Info Day Austria - WE ARE SO additive - 3D printing in Architecture (10.10.2020): On the 8th of October 2020, Austrian partners CREATIVE REGION Linz & Upper Austria and Business Upper Austria hosted an info day online. The event was combined with a trends session covering 3D printing in architecture and the construction industry.
    The online talk was called WE ARE SO additive and featured three experts in the field: Christine Bärnthaler, Thomas Gruber and Georg Grasser. 
  • Info Day in Austria - Architecture meets Industry (08.10.2020):  During the Info Day for Creative Professionals in Steyr (Upper Austria), COCO4CCI was presented to the 33 CCI and interested people in architecture, followed by two presentations of local architects and a guided walk through the city, where the COCO4CCI team could talk with the 33 participants (CCI and interested parties, whose focus revolved around architecture and creative industries) in detail about the goals and processes within the project and future cooperations.
  • Info Day in Germany - User Centered Innovation in the Creative Industries (02.10.2020): The COCO4CCI Info Day in Germany was organised on 1st October 2020 in the framework of the Hightech Summit Baden-Württemberg, the largest technology congress in Baden-Württemberg. The Hightech Summit is dedicated to the topics of technology, innovation and entrepreneurship and presents both successful digitisation projects from Baden-Württemberg and from the international context.
  • Info Day in Poland - the first edition of a series of meetings (20.09.2020): The Info Day COCO4CCI in Poland, due to the situation related to COVID-19, was designed as a series of online and offline meetings that will take place in October and November.
  • Phil Balagtas lecture: Futures Design Thinking (24.09.2020): An online lecture by the renowned American lecturer and futurist Phil Balagtas took place in September 2020 within the COCO4CCI project. The lecture was titled »Futures Design Thinking: Speculative Design, Strategic Foresight and other ways to respond to the future«.
  • Time to innovate: Service design (28.07.2020): On June 11th 2020, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia organized an Info day in form of webinar, mainly for the manufacturing companies, entitled “Time to innovate: Service design”.
  • RETHINKING INDUSTRY: CREATIVITY DRIVES INNOVATION - (INTERVIEW) (09.07.2020): In an interview, our tandem partners from Austria talk about the COCO4CCI project and the activities associated with it. The interview was made with project manager Laura Smith from business upper austria and communications manager Wolfgang Gumpelmaier-Mach from  CREATIVE REGION Linz & Upper.
  • VIRTUELLE ANATOMIE & PATHOLOGIE DEEP SPACE (01.07.2020): This Best Practice from Germany shows the development and presentation of new forms of visualizing "Digital Health". The project was based on a cooperation between the institute of radiology AKH Linz and the Ars electronica Center (Austria).
  • Regional information platforms for creatives (29.06.2020): Our project partnership is organized in tandem teams - each including one business support organisation and one creative hub. In each country, both teamed up to create a regional platform, where creatives are being provided with basic information about COCO4CCI and its future activities (matchmaking events etc.). 
  • On-the-go development of management skills (25.06.2020): One of the largest gas suppliers and electricity network providers in the Czech Republic underwent a transformation and introduced lean principles. The challenge for the creative team of Luducrafts was to effectively help the managers of this network to apply new competencies. 
  • Webinar: Service Design in Slovenia (22.06.2020): As part of #COCO4CCI our Slovenian partners hosted a webinar with Service Design expert Marc Stickdorn (More than Metrics) who introduced the concept and Gigodesign who presented a Good Practice example from Slovenia. Watch the recording here. 
  • COCO4CCI INFO DAY FOR CCI (16.06.2020): On 16 June 2020, Confindustria Veneto SIAV and Università Ca' Foscari co-organised the COCO4CCI Info Day for CCIs, which aimed to present the COCO4CCI networking and training opportunities, as well as the potential for CCIs to cooperate with AVM. After a presentation of a few case studies, including in the field of Artificial Intelligence, the Info Day explored the COCO4CCI three dimensions: technology, future trends and mindset. In particular, CCIs were asked to brainstorm on the services they offer and in which areas they foresee a collaboration with AVMs.The feedback from the 37 participants was gathered through Mural and a survey which was sent at the end of the e-meeting.
  • Look at your challenges through the eyes of creatives // Open Call for Companies (01.06.2020): Our project partners from CIKE are looking for companies who'd like to work together with creatives to find "tailor-made" solutions for their actual challenges. Registration for the open call is online until July 15, 2020.
  • Online information for CCI and AVM (30.03.2020): The project partners are constantly developing content to integrate into their own webportals for awareness raising among CCI on the opportunities to work with companies that are active in advanced manufacturing (AVM). 
  • Tipoteca Italiana (31.01.2020): In Italy there are many business realities committed to protect the precious historical and cultural tradition of their country. Tipoteca Italiana is one of these organizations, highlighted as a best practice by Confindustria Veneto SIAV.


  • Creativity drives innovation (30.11.2019): We believe that cultural and creative industries in Central Europe have a high potential to link up with other industry sectors and boost economic and social development by empowering innovation processes with creative inputs. In our project leaflet we explain the background of COCO4CCI and how creativity drives innovation.
  • 4th International Creative Congress 'Design Plus' 14.10.2019 rom 10 - 11 of October 2019 took place 4th International Creative Congress 'Design Plus' in Szczecin - Poland. The congress's main subject focused on designing the future and designing for the future.
  • Kick-off conference (20.09.2019): On September 13th 2019, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia organized and hosted the kick-off conference of the project Culture and Creative Industries COOPERATION COLLIDER (COCO4CCI) at their headquarters in Ljubljana.