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31.03.2022: Store4HUC scientific publications

08.03.2022: Presentations from the second Webinar

03.03.2022: Recording of our Second Webinar

10.02.2022: The second Webinar!

02.02.2022: E-Brochure presenting the project is here!

27.01.2022: Results from testing the sloping elevator in Italy

20.01.2022: Bracak Manor adds Photovoltaic and Battery System

11.01.2022: Croatian Pilot Update

27.01.2022: Testing of the Optimal Heat Source Scheduler in our Austrian Pilot Project!

7.12.2021: Full video summary of the paraffin-based heat storage pilot

01.12.2021: Video Tutorial for the Optimal Heat Source Scheduler!

24.11.2021: The Optimal Sizing Calculator in Slovenian!

15.11.2021: Fifth Newsletter

11.11.2021: Full Video Journey about the Sloping Elevator construction!

04.11.2021: The Lendava pilot in Slovenia has finished construction, too!

26.10.2021: Final sloping elevator pilot site - short video!

20.10.2021: Our second energy mangement tool is ready!

08.10.2021: The second Leaflet is out!

19.09.2021: Pilot Action Bračak Manor - Video!

15.09.2021: Pilot Action Weiz - Video!

23.08.2021: Pilot Action Cuneo - Video!

28.07.2021: A general overview about the project

22.07.2021: Second short progress Video from Cuneo!

19.08.2021: Autarky Rate Explanation Video

06.07.2021: Our scond video about the optimal sizing calculator is here!

01.07.2021: Watch our tutorial to get the Optimal sizing calculator started!

18.06.2021: The Optimal Sizing Calculator now in Italian!

09.06.2021: Energy Efficiency Work on the panoramic lift

01.06.2021: Watch our video about the pilot in cuneo!

Event: Join our Store4HUC Pilot Event!

25.05.2021 Construction Works on the Lendava Pilot are done!

11.05.2021 Upcoming Event! Renewable Energy Regions Conference

08.04.2021 The Optimal Sizing Calculator is here!

17.03.2021 Background Information about the Autarky Rate Tool

04.03.2021 Investment specification for the integration of an energy storage in Cuneo

16.02.2021 Transnational evaluation by fellow specialists of research

01.02.2021 New online tool calculates savings through urban electric storage solutions

04.01.2021 The Autarky Rate Tool is here!

08.12.2020 Weiz Video now available with English Subtitles

Third Newsletter is Here!

19.11.2020 Summary of the "Zukunftsforum Energie und Klima 2020"

28.10.2020 Optimal Parameterization of a PV and a Batterysytem

12.10.2020 Assesment of Constrains for Establishing Energy Storages

16.09.2020 Participate in our First International Workshop!

02.09.2020 Neo-Baroque Villa Receives Renewable Energy Upgrade - The Lendava Pilot

06.08.2020 Fernwärmespeicher in Weiz - Video

20.07.2020 The Road to Clean Energy Investment in Historic Buildings

06.07.2020 Investment Specification of Bracak

Second Newsletter is Out!

20.05.2020 New Electricity Storage Tool in Pipeline

16.04.2020 Store4HUC gets first scientific exposure

30.03.2020 Feasibility Study of Cuneo

17.03.2020 Feasibility Study Weiz

02.03.2020 Latent Heat Storage Explained

17.02.2020 Scientific Article

03.02.2020 Feasibility Study of Bracak

20.01.2020 Stakeholder Involvement

06.01.2020 Energy Management Tool Concept

First Store4HUC Newsletter

02.12.2019 Presentazione del Progetto

19.11.2019 Pilot in Lendava, Slovenia

05.11.2019 Thermos Flask Serves as Example for Sustainable Energy Storage 

21.10.2019 Pilot in Bračak, Croatia

23.09.2019 First Deployment Desk Meeting in Croatia

27.08.2019 Pilot City Cuneo, Italy

19.07.2019 Pilot City Weiz, Austria

24.06.2019 Store4HUC Lauched