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17.06.2022: Action Plans Overview 
15.06.2022: 'Lessons learned' brochure is the successful capstone of the Dynaxibility4CE project
14.06.2022: Dynaxibility4CE closed an important gap with new CCAM brochure
13.06.2022: Annex to the UVAR topic guide published
10.06.2022: Dynaxibility released MaaS planning- and guidance tool with latest topic guide
08.06.2022: Graz is evaluating MaaS survey results
23.05.2022: Dynaxibility4CE Final Conference Report
11.05.2022: Dynaxibility4CE - CIVINET Magyar joint webinar on SUMP
07.03.2022: Dynaxibility4CE looks back on recent success stories
22.02.2022: BKK enhances journey planner app for Budapest’s public transport services
11.02.2022: Dynaxibility4CE provided overview on DRT in Central Europe
09.02.2022: Start of sensor-based air quality network in Parma
31.01.2022 Dynaxibility4CE discussed next steps of the Stuttgart Schurwald scenario
25.01.2022: Smacker and Dynaxibility4CE cooperate to promote local DRT solutions


16.12.2021: Leipzig is extending its DRT offers
29.11.2021: Workshop on MaaS Mobility Packages in Graz
03.11.2021: Emission measurement devices to be deployed in Parma
01.11.2021: Efforts of Stuttgart recognised as Interreg best practices
26.10.2021: Dynaxibility4CE was integral part of UVAR session at CIVITAS '21 in Aachen
26.10.2021: ITS World Congress provided boost to Dynaxibility4CE outreach activities 
28.09.2021: We celebrate EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK
22.07.2021: Ride on demand in Stuttgart
20.07.2021: User experience tests to boost the quality of the multimodal app “GrazMobil”
01.07.2021: Second Newsletter published
07.06.2021: Parma: The challenge of having an UVAR
27.05.2021: Dynaxibility4CE will showcase progress during ITS World Congress 
16.03.2021: Dynaxibility enhances low-carbon mobility planning strategies 
01.02.2021: Budapest Diagnosis Workshop 
27.01.2021: Dynaxibility continues CE SUMP Platform

18.12.2020: Dynaxibility presented to Hungarian experts
16.11.2020: Joint forces for 'MaaS' in the FUA of Graz, Austria
28.10.2020: Centralisation of UVAR information started
31.08.2020: Project Leaflet Published
03.08.2020: First successful MaaS workshop in Graz
06.07.2020: Press Release #1
01.01.2020: Dynaxibility Project Start