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The Project came to its end - thank you!
Final Project Conference
LITTLE SQUIRREL social business idea from IN SITU Social innovation Hub Rijeka launches first prototypes
6th Regional Focus Group in Stuttgart
Dancing seniors receive goodies
Social Enerprises Brunches in Vienna
IN SITU Social innovation Hub tenants from Poland receive crowdfunding grant!
IN SITU on stage on Job&Orienta in Veneto
2nd Game Changer Fairs
IN SITU Social innovation Hub in Rijeka 2nd generation of participants reaches Finish Line!
Another Focus group in Vienna
Steering Committee Meeting in Rijeka
Study Visit in Rijeka
Regional Social Entrepreneurship Roundtable in Vienna
Successful Regional Focus Group Event in Stuttgart
IN SITU supports Occupational Therapy Workshops for the people with disabilities
From NEET to entrepreneurs: a new initiative in Veneto Region
2nd training cohort started in Austria
IN SITU trainings - second cohort in Vienna
Four social initiatives on the starting blocks in Veneto
SIH in Slovenia - 1 cohort to finish
IN SITU tailor made tools
1st IN SITU Game Changer Fair
Participants of the IN SITU Social Innovation Hub in Slovenia finally together
Dancing Seniors social initiative
Mid-term evaluation of IN SITU
IN SITU trainings started in Poland
Empower programme started in Rijeka
Social Innovation Hub in Rijeka open!
4th Focus Group Meeting in Rybnik
3rd Focus Group Meeting in Częstochowa
Next Focus Group Meeting in Slovenia
Regional Focus Groups across the Partnership
Meeting of the Board of the Social Hub in Katowice
Train-The-Trainers - ready!
3rd Focus Group in Slovenia
First sessions of Train The Trainers online!
Signing the agreement - SIH Silesia
2nd Regional Focus Group in Stuttgart
Social Innovation Hub in Katowice
2nd Steering Committee Meeting in Stuttgart
Study Visits in Vienna
1st Steering Committee Meeting in Padova
Regional Focus Group in Slovenia
Regional Focus Group in Stuttgart
Regional Focus Group in Silesia
Kick-off Meeting in Vienna