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Interview about lynx   In Czech

16th of June

Interview with Tereza Mináriková about lynx ecology and it's population in Czech Republic.

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INTERNATIONAL LYNX DAY  11.6.2020!   In English    In Czech

11th of June

Online lectures and videos, workshops, excursions, games and more. We are celebrating International Lynx day!

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New brochure about lynx available in three languages now

21th of May

In German              In Czech                 In Italian

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Project 3Lynx was prolonged

11th of May

Due to cancelling important project activities because of COVID - 19 pandemic 3Lynx project duration was prolonged to the end of the September. That way we cn organize stakeholders meeting, scientific workshop and final conference.

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Bojan, an international lynx  In English

Bojan, mednarodni ris In Slovenia

9th of April

Lynx Bojan was captured and radio-collared in the beginning of December 2019. After four months of tracking his movements, we discovered that he is a proper international lynx.

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Lynx in Brdy again In Czech

3th of April

Lynx came to Czech Brdy after a year. From the January, people in Brdy start to noticed the presence of lynx in Brdy, We even managed to make photo-trap picture of him thanks to 3Lynx monitoring effort. It can be some young lynx from Šumava as last year (see here), but we are still not sure. Presence of lynx is a sign, that nature in Brdy is good.

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New to download

30th of March

Look and download our new useful: Health, Husbandry and Management of Eurasian lynx (Lynx lynx) handbook. Download

Hohe Jagd Fair 2020

3Lynx at Hohe Jagd fair in Salzburg   In English

3Lynx erneut präsent auf der Hohen Jagd Messe in Salzburg In German

9th of March

3Lynx project was again at the "Hohe Jagd" fair in Salzburg.

Kika and Matysek fighting for teritory

Lynx, the shy animal? yes! almost always.

5th of March

Czech driver met two lynx in Šumava.  During the mating season males can be so absorbed with their oponent that they stay even in the human presence. Thanks to lynx and 3Lynx monitoring, we now, that these two are teritory owner Kika (12 yo) and newcomer Matýsek (2? yo).

Lynx distribution 2017-2018 in BBA population

Lynx monitoring report 2017-2018 whole English original
107 rysů - to je výsledek monitoringu ... In Czech
Luchsmanagement in Bayern ... for Bavaria

28th of February 2020

In the area of 13 000 km2 of lynx population Bohemia-Bavaria-Austria we counted 107  independent animals. 

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Infrastructure for lynx conservation

31th of January 2020

List of all the capacities, equipment and working procedures made during 3Lynx project and plan of their future....

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3Lynx at Hohe Jagd and Fischerei Messe

20th of January 2020

Come to visit our stand at Hohe Jagd and Fischerei Fair in Salzburg 20-23.2.

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Lynx and bikers In Czech

20th of December

What do lynx and bikers have in common?

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Meeting between hunters in Tarvisio In Italian

12th of December

Meeting between Slovenian and Italian hunters and foresters was organized by 3Lynx in Italian city of Tarvision.

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New lynx collared in Slovenia

2nd of December

3Lynx project team with local hunters and veterinarians to cooperated at Kočevska Reka to catch, collar and release resident lynx.

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Rodina rysice Jiskry In Czech

29th of November

Three sons of Jiskra compete for their father's territory.

Lynx Kika in 2011

Long-term lynx monitoring first results In Czech

30th of August

Results of the three latest season of long-term intensive camera-trapping monitoring of lynx in NP Sumava and Bavarian Forest

Lynx day 2019 in Tarvisio

International Lynx Day nel Tarvisio In Italian

11th of July

On 29 June the second International Lynx Day was held in Tarvisio.

International  lynx day 2019 in Austria

International  lynx day 2019 in Austria In German

28th of June

About 80 pupils were hosted at the castle of Hohenbrunn...

Lynx Daniel with mother

The Biggest lynx explorer of the 2018 is Daniel In Czech

11th of June

Intensive lynx monitoring showed us last year's recordmans. Lynx Daniel traveled more than 130 km route and more...

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Interview with Elisa Belotti about lynx  In Czech

20th of June

Elisa Belotti from Sumava National Park gave an interview about lynx in Sumava, its ecology and monitoring.

lynx Lucka from Beskydy

10 year anniversary of monitoring in Beskydy In Czech

11th of June

10 years of monitoring of lynx in Beskydy mountains. More than 6 800 pictures telling story...

rys Fabian

Lynx traveled from Sumava to Brdy and back in less than two months In Czech

30th of May

Joung lynx, who traveled more than 70 km to Brdy returned in a month.

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First two lynx translocated to Slovenia and Croatia in an effort to save an endangered population

20th of May

Big success of our sister project LIFE Lynx – new lynx released in Dinaric population.

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Project and stakeholders´ meetings in one in Slovenia

10th of May

3Lynx midterm review meeting, steering group meeting and stakeholder visit took place in Ljubljana.

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Lynx monitoring training in Friuli Venezia Giulia In English

Monitoraggio di lince in Friuli Venezia Giulia In Italian

2nd of May

Training course was held for members of the regional Forest Service of Friuli Venezia Giulia 15. April 2019.

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How was Lynx day 2018

26th of March

2018 was the first year to celebrate Lynx Day. Look how we celebrated. 

Lynx family on their afternoon rest by Vl Cech jr.

Close encounter with lynx In English

Blízké setkání s rysy In Czech

8th of March

Czech photograph Vladimír Cech Jr. experienced a once-in-a lifetime encounter...

lynx in the snow

Lynx monitoring in Slovenia In English

Prvi monitoring risa s foto pastmi v Sloveniji In Slovenian

8th of March

First camera trapping lynx monitoring started last year in Slovenia.

3Lynx at the Hohe Jagd Messe 2019

3Lynx at the „Hohe Jagd“ fair in Salzburg In German

28th of February

Interesting conversations, information exchange, quite a few known and lots of new faces - the presence of the 3Lynx project at the “Hohe Jagd” fair in Salzburg was a great success!

Lynx Svit in spring 2018

Lynx Svit became younges mother ever recorded

12th of February

Svit, one of lynx Jiskra three kittens, had become a mother! So, why is this so extraordinary? ....

Slovenian pupils get to know big carnivores

Education of school children

5th of February

Bear, wolf and lynx were present to school children from Ljubljana.

Young lynx who came from Sumava to Brdy

Origin of lynx in Brdy uncovered In Czech

6th of December

Lynx observed last week in Brdy, central Bohemia, was identified as young animal from Sumava. It is approximately 18 months old and travelled at least 70 kilometres.

Lynx room in hotel Bayerwald, Lam, grand opening.

Opening of lynx room in Bavarian Lam in German

30th of November

New lynx room was opened in hotel Bayerwald, Lam. Great photos from Julius Kramer were introduced by stories about nature told by madam Brehm storytellers.

Young lynx relax in its new home in Brdy

New lynx in Brdy (Czech republic) in Czech

30th of November

New sighting of lynx in natural reserve Brdy in central Bohemia.

conference room alpbionet 2030 bolzano

Human-nature interactions conference

26 - 27th of November

Interreg project ALPBIONET 2030 organized an international conference »Human-Nature interactions and conflict management in mountain environment«.

3Lynx steering committee photo Linz 2018

Project meeting in Linz

5 - 6th of November

Biannual project steering committee meeting was held in Linz on 5. – 6.11.2018. We discussed project progress and upcoming events  

Tereza Minarikova

Interview: Camera traps help to detect rare species

6th of November

New observation of European wildcat, camera traps and rare large carnivores are topics of new interview with Tereza Minarikova in english broadcasted Radio Praha.

3Lynx project poster

3Lynx introduced in Brussels

8th of November

3Lynx was introduced at European week of regions and cities that took place in Brussels.

Wild cat in Cesky les

European wildcat spotted in Cesky Les

Fotopast odhalila v Českém lese kočku divokou in Czech

22th of October

On 4th of June 3Lynx camera trapp took picture of european wildcat in Cesky Les, Czech republic.

Monitoring and conservation conference Uhlikov

Opening conference about lynx monitoring and conservation

6th of June

Lynx experts and stakeholders met in Uhlíkov, Záhvozdí.


Lynx distribution in the Alps and northern Dinaric Mountains

25th of May

Experts from eight countries assembled lynx distribution in Alps.


First stakeholder visit

14 -18th of May 2018

Slovenian stakeholders viseted foresters and environmentalists in National park Šumava, Bavarian Forest and Austria.

Lynx year 2018

Lynx year 2018 begins in Czech

1th of May 2018

1th of May is first day in lynx calendar. This helps us to asses population changes.

Luchse im Steinwald

Two young lynx in Steinwald in German

4th of May 2018

Two lynx were released to strengthtend Bavaria population.


CZ EVENT- What does camera traps shows to us?

27th of March 2018

Return of the wolf in Bohmerwald  in English 

Vlk se vrací do šumavských hvozdů in Czech

5th of March 2018

3Lynx camera trapps captured return of the wolf.


Kick-off event in Sedlice

25th of January 2018

First meeting with stakeholders in Czech Republic.


Jiskra the lynx - succesful mother

10th of September 2017

The lynx Jiskra was born in 2014 near Prachatice and is repeatedly observe since. Look, what is new...

Martin Strnad

Report about the 3Lynx project in Czech Television in Czech

7th of September 2017

Tereza Mináriková and Martin Strnad talked about lynx, 3Lynx and camera trapping.                                                      

Tereza Minarikova

Interview about the 3Lynx project at Radio Prague  in English

31th of July 2017 

Interview with Tereza Mináriková from ALKA Wildlife.

Kick off meeting

Kick-off meeting

18th - 19th of July 2017

First meeting of project partners. We started in Prague.