Accelerating excess heat utilization in Central Europe (4.4.2019)

Comprehensive model of waste heat utilization in CE regions brochure

Transnational waste heat platform going live online

Announcement of the CE-HEAT final conference

Croatian waste heat cadastre developed by EIHP

CE-HEAT at the E-nova 2018 international conference

E-nova Conference 2018

Waste heat energy calculator

Green Network members meeting


Hydropower museum Fala in Slovenia heated by waste heat

Integration of CE-HEAT into the  climate and energy strategy of the federal state of Burgenland

Waste heat recovery as opportunity for sustainable cities

Project Group Meeting in San Daniele, Italy

CE-HEAT project was presented to experts in corporate social responsibility

CE HEAT at Open-Air Event within EUSEW18

RSG Meeting in Güssing, Austria

CE-HEAT  at the 3rd Istrian Energy Days, Croatia

Energy Day in Međimurje County

CE-HEAT at Energy days in Passariano, Codroipo, Italy

Waste heat recovery opportunities  in Friuli Venezia Giulia

Waste heat in the transition to a circular economy

CE-HEAT at the strategic Forum for renewable energy in Slovenia

Waste heat utilization: First steps in CZ

Project CE-HEAT attended the MEGRA and GREEN international fair in Gornja Radgona, Slovenia

Cooperation opurtunities in Slovenia

Networking and knowledge exchange atWSED in Wels

Regional Steering Group Meeting in Zagreb

Midterm review meeting in Wroclaw

Waste heat in the transition to a circular economy

Power generation from waste heat in Thuringia (Germany)

2nd RSG meeting in Maribor

CE-HEAT at the e-nova conference: Future of Buildings

RSG Meeting in Güssing

2nd RSG Meeting in Italy

CE-HEAT second Regional Steering Group meeting in Prague

Practical aspects of waste heat utilization in the Czech Republic

Waste heat utilization in Ilmenau (Thuringia, Germany)
(3. 11. 2017)

Waste heat special session successfuly presented at the SDEWES conference
(9. 10. 2017)

CE-HEAT Hosts special event at SDEwes Conference
(4. 10. 2017)

CE-HEAT at 12th SDEWES Conference
(27. 9. 2017)

CE-HEAT as an opportunity for biogas plants owners in Italy
(26. 9. 2017)

The CE-HEAT project recognized as a good practice in Slovenia
(1. 9. 2017)

Smart district heating grids exemplify great potential for the future
(24. 8. 2017)

Activities in the last six months for setting up digital cadasters
(23. 6. 2017)

Waste heat utilization as attractive solutions for the concept of Smart Cities/Smart Regions in Czech Republic
(13. 6. 2017)

CE-HEAT at the Public consultation event on Energy cooperatives in Bovec
(8. 6. 2017)

CE-HEAT project was presented at the EMMA - Energy and Mobility Fair in Anger in Austria
(26. 5. 2017)

Project CE-HEAT was presented to Slovenian Electric Power Engineers in Maribor
(25. 5. 2017)

The preliminary results of the project CE-HEAT were presented at the conference ThEGA-Forum in Germany
(19. 5. 2017)

Introduction of CE-HEAT on 19th Days of energetics experts in Slovenia! (11. - 12. 4. 2017)

Spring Fair Zagreb 2017 - Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar presented CE-HEAT project in Green Building and Energy section
6. 4. 2017)

Peta 4 – 4th Pan-European Thermal Atlas now online
 (3. 4. 2017)

Partners from Prague hosted the 3rd Project group meeting
(March 21st – 22nd  2017)

CE-HEAT project group meeting in Prague
 (21. - 22. 3. 2017)

Regional Steering groups established (19. 1. 2017)

CE-HEAT project leaflet is out (23. 12. 2016)

Project partnership met in Eisenstadt, Austria (16. 11. 2016)

CE-HEAT:PROJECT MEETING in AUSTRIA (14. - 15. 11. 2016)

Prague kicked-off the Regional Steering Group meetings (27. 10. 2016)

CE-HEAT Kick-off meeting (7. - 8.7.2016)