Past news and events

International conference in Budapest

Žilina self-governing region complete pilot action

South Bohemia - the story doesn't end

Final conference of the RUMOBIL project

Meeting of the Transport committee of South Bohemia

Nyíregyháza-Nagykálló line equipped with new constructions

Participation of aMo to SMARTA Workshop

CIVINET Czech and Slovak Republik & ELTIS training

Mobility in the Czech-Austrian cross-border region

RUMOBIL at MobyDixit

RUMOBIL - news from JIKORD

The Danube Region Transport Days 2018

The role of the railway undertaking within the PSO

Transport and Air Pollution Conference 2019

Euroregion Beskydy

Transport Congress 2018

Regional and agglomeration railways - experiences and perspectives

Publicity campaign in Mazovia

The 3rd Civinet Forum

National event at Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County

Technical Science in the North Hungary Region 2018 Conference

Second Citizen Bus in Möser

South Bohemia and Saxony-Anhalt exchange on improvements in intermodal transport

4th Branding conference in Ozalj

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Pilot bus line in South Bohemia

The 3rd International Conference on Traffic Engineering

Transport Research Arena 2018

XXVI International Scientific Conference trans&MOTAUTO'18

The new CNG buses already operating in Nyíregyháza

Citizen Bus starts in Osterburg

Planning communication for capitalisation at project mid-term

Meeting of Cross-border Transport Services

Sarajevo, BiH - The 4th B&H Congress on railways

Wittenberg, Germany - RUMOBIL project partner workshop

The fourth B&H CONGRESS ON RAILWAYS - Sarajevo, BiH

Progress report summary

Saxony-Anhalt Partners learn from Citizen Bus project in neighbouring Brandenburg

Pilot at Nyíregyháza-Nagykálló is ready to start

Pilot operation in Vysočina

„Our service Prontobus”- aMo pilot story started!

Policy Conference

Osterburg is going mobile: “Citizen Bus” project presented to the public

Mazovia pilot project

RUMOBIL drawing competition

HŽPP Summer RUMOBIL trains

Two RUMOBIL trains in June

Public transport organisation within the Olympic park Rio-Lipno in South Bohemia

Seasonal express to National Park Šumava

Third RUMOBIL train to Karlovac

The second RUMOBIL train is sold out

Railway station Žilina-Zárieči – cultural node

RUMOBIL - take the train to the "Spring awakening"

Great first impression on the RUMOBIL train ride

Francesco Misso: The most important period in the Project is ahead of us

Dana Sitanyiova: We are on track!

The first excursion train moving to Ozalj

GENOA: A city where you can find (almost) all transport means

Children in Vysocian Regiona draw for better public transport

Arne Ehritt: A great atmosphere surrounding the project

Ozalj partner meeting

Invitation to Ozalj - transnational

Study trip MLV

MLV stakeholder meeting

Norway will use driverless mini-buses

RUMOBIL presented in Zagreb

New Hydrogen trains

Kick-off meeting in Hungary